Romeo and Juliet

In our last Literature classes, we’ve been working with the prologue of Romeo and Juliet. This is how we translated it from old english to modern english.


Two households, both alike in dignity,
Two families, both from the same social rank
In fair Verona, where we lay our scene,
in beautiful Verona, where our scene occurs
From ancient grudge break to new mutiny,
From old bitterness that breaks into violence
Where civil blood makes civil hands unclean.
Where normal people become murderers
From forth the fatal loins of these two foes
From the two families that brought death to their children
A pair of star-crossed lovers take their life,
a couple that fell in love and committed suicide
Whose misadventured piteous overthrows
Their unfortunate, pitiful death
Doth with their death bury their parents’ strife.
Bury their parents quarrel and anger.
The fearful passage of their death-mark’d love,
The sad/doomed story of their unfortunate love,
And the continuance of their parents’ rage,
And the persistence of their parents anger,


Which, but their children’s end, naught could remove,
which only their children’s death could remove,
Is now the two hours’ traffic of our stage.
will be presented in the following two hours in the stage
The which if you with patient ears attend
Which you have to listen very carefully
What here shall miss, our toil shall strive to mend.
What here is missed out, our hard work will make our mistakes right.

This are some questions we anwered:

  1. How many lines does the prologue have? A piece of writing with this rhyme pattern and number of syllables and lines is called a Sonnet. Find more characteristics of sonnets.
  • The prologue has 14 lines.
  • Characteristics of sonnets:
    • they have 14 lines which are separated in 3 quatrains and a final couplet.
    • this is their structure: ABAB CDCD EFEF GG, meaning there’s a rhyme every two lines
    • The final message is in the couplet.
  1. Which lines rhyme with each other? (Give the line numbers and the rhyming words, e.g line 1 rhymes with line 3; ‘dignity’ and ‘mutiny’)
  • Line 1 rhymes with line 3, line 2 with 4, 5 with 7, 6 with 8, 9 with 11,  10  with 12 and 13 with 14 (couplet).

  1. Use a coloured pen to highlight all the words to do with love.

The answer is in light-blue.

  1. Use a different coloured pen to highlight all the words to do with violence.

The answer is in yellow.

  1. Use another colour to highlight the words to do with family.

The answer is in red.


Boy Activities

In our last Language classes, we’ve been doing activities related to Boy in groups. The people in my group are Manuel Carrizo, Paz Bernusi and Santiago Guerrico. Today, we are going to present one of activities we did about a chapter called Goat’s Tobacco which consist in makng a venn Diagram comparing old schools and modern day schools. Hope you like it!


Biology Project

In our last Biology, class we did a project on the menstrual cycle for which we were divided into our base groups. My group did an act on it. Here it is:

Emi: Hi children, stand up.

Manu and Santi: Hi, Miss Emi!

Manu: What are we going to do today?  

Emi: Today we are going to learn about the menstrual cycle.

Santi: What happens in the menstrual cycle?

Emi: In the menstrual cycle a woman’s body gets ready for a possible pregnancy. In this cycle, an ovum is released and…

Santi: What happens when the ovum is released?

Emi: When the ovum is released there are a lot of thing going on in the woman’s body. In the first place, the ovum is released, it can also be said that it is getting out of the ovary as a follicle opens and once the ovum is released, it closes and regenerates again in the following ovulation. During, this time, also the uterus lining…

Manu: Faaa, she is giving us the dictionary definition.

Emi: What had you just said Manuel!

Manu: Nothing miss, sorry!

Emi: As I was saying, the uterus lining also gets thicker in case an embryo needs to implant. A lot of hormones are present in this cycle as well: in the first place, progesterone which is produced between the second and fourth week of the cycle and during pregnancy. In the second place, oestrogen, which is present, mainly between the first and second week, although it is also present in the third and fourth as well and is in charged of making the uterus lining grow. In the third place, the LH hormone, is the one which is in charged of making ovulation occur and it increases,mainly, in the second week. Finally, the FSH hormone, which is the one which stimulates the development of the follicle and increases in the second week of the cycle.

Santi: What happen with animals? Do they have a Menstrual Cycle?

Emi: According to different sources, menstruation is considered to happen only in primates, mainly species close to humans such as chimpanzees. Furthermore, bats and elephants have menstruation as well.

Manu: This class was really useful! Thank you!

We did this project in a really organized way so it was easy. Manu and Santi looked up the information, I wrote it and we made up the dialogue all together.

The group which did the best presentation in my opinion was Valentina’s , Paz’s and Juan Simon’s as it was presented in a clear and organized way.



El Salario Mínimo en Argentina

En nuestra última clase de Form. Ética, vimos un video del año 2005, acerca de un hombre, quien intentaba sobrevivir un mes con el salario mínimo en argentina. Esto causó muchos cambios ya que su vida cambió de muchas formas durante ese mes. En primer lugar, al comer casi siempre lo mismo, él se encontraba casi siempre de mal humor. En segundo lugar, ya que las porciones eran muy pequeñas, adelgazó demasiado.

La reflexión que puedo hacer a través de este video es que el salario mínimo tendría que ser considerablemente aumentado ya que si una persona sufre tanto por vivir a base de esa canasta durante un mes, vivir a base de esta durante toda la vida debe ser terrible. Dentro de todo, lo que creo es que este problema es uno de los que el país debe resolver con más urgencia ya que si no es resuelto, la pobreza en el país aumentará rapidamente. Este conflicto es en parte provocado gracias a la inflación ya que esta hace que los precios suban, a diferencia de la canasta básica que se mantiene, casi siempre, igual. Debido a esto, el dinero alcanza cada vez para menos productos, causando que la gente no pueda cubrir algunas de sus necesidades básicas.

Educación Tecnológica – 4/9

En nuestra última clase de Educación Tecnológica, jugamos a los juegos creados por distintos grupos utilizando como base el de mi grupo el cual esta compuesto, también, por Valentina Pease, Carolina Cremona y Mora Malenchini. Mientras jugábamos a los juegos, teníamos que tomar nota de las cosas que habría que mejorar de cada juego (elementos que faltan, muy poca dificultad, demasiada dificultad, etc). Yo jugué al juego creado por mi grupo y al del grupo de Manuel Carrizo, Federico San Lorenzo, Santiago Yezze y Juan Simon Machado.

Lo que habría que implementar en mi grupo, sería una venda para cubrir los ojos ya que para el juego es esencial que el participante no pueda ver, y si tan solo cierra los ojos podría espiar y eso causaría problemas, especialmente, cuando los chicos más chicos lo jueguen.

Lo que habría que mejorar en el grupo de Manuel Carrizo, Federico San Lorenzo, Santiago Yezze y Juan Simon Machado sería aumentar el nivel de dificultad ya que el juego terminaba demasiado rápido. Sin embargo, fue muy divertido jugarlo.

Activity on The Open Boat

In the last Literature classes, we have been doing an activity about the story we read: The Open Boat. Here it is:

Study questions

  1. The oiler was the only one given a name (Billie) to show that he was kind of ignorant because Billie is an ordinary name which isn’t quite professional, the other members of the crew are called by their occupation which is rather professional and leave readers to assume they aren’t ignorant as they seem professional.
  2. This is because of Darwin’s theory in which he assures that the fittest survives. The oiler rowed all the way to island and he was exhausted so he gave up and drowned, nature had defeated him.
  3. The view of nature in the story is strong, able to defeat anyone and let anyone live. This is really clear when she makes the oiler drown and at the same time is able to free the correspondent from that dangerous wave.
  4. The view of men in this story is fragile and with no power compared to nature.
  5. The men in the boat relate to each other like brothers.
  6. The pattern I can find in the story is the one of the colors, gray, black and white. They are important in the story because it helps us know how the characters felt during the story. A repetition I can find in the story is the one of rowing and it is important in the story because it helps us understand how even though they worked a lot and really hard, they were never going to have more power than nature.
  7. A part in where the narrator intruded is in the part in which he explains how the characters thought that after all the work the did they didn’t deserve to drown in the ocean. I think it was effective because it helps us see what the characters felt.
  8. I think the ending of the story is truthful because after all the effort the oiler had done it was quite predictable that he would die before reaching land. Furthermore, as this is a story based in true facts, we know the oiler must have died in the story because he actually died. On the other hand, as this is literature, we can guess it also has an ironic meaning which may be that he “failed” because, as Darwin Theory explains, the fittest are able to survive. With this, he may mean that to get what you want, you have to take wise decisions (unlike the oiler did when trying to get fast to the shore instead of going slowly and near the dinghy). Moreover, when Crane says “In the shadows, face downwards lays the oiler”, he may have meant he gave up as facing down means, mostly something negative.
  9. I think Crane used that structure of Roman numbers to show that one wouldn’t mean anything without the others. Just as the men in the story, because if one of them was missing, the story wouldn’t make any sense as they would’ve instantly died. Furthermore, the men said there were 7 gods in the sea, and it isn’t quite a coincidence that there are 7 parts. What may have happened is that they believed each thing that happened in each part was determined by each god.

Pathways to interpretation

  1. During the Victorian writers wanted to display reality and this is what Crane did. Most of his stories has to do with people trying to win nature and not being able to and this is what happens in the open boat.
  2. What the historical context and the connection have to do is that during the Victorian period, when the story was wrote, a lot of writers including Crane start writing about naturalism, realism and how people can’t win nature and in the open boat that’s what happens, even though they try there’s no way they could win nature.

Patterns in The Open Boat

  1. Some uses and references to colors were:
  • Black: “… the land seemed but a long black shadow on the sea” With this, what Crane is trying to express is that the land seemed to be a dangerous, unsafe (like blurry, unclear) and that reaching there depended, mostly, in the sea.
  • White: “Slowly the land arose from the sea.From a black line, it became a line of black and a line of white…” With this, what Crane is trying to express, is that at first the place they wanted to reach was dangerous and that they were going to die before reaching that place. Nonetheless, then it turned out to be easier than expected.
  • Gray: “Gray-faced and bowed forwards…” This means that they did so emotionlessly, mechanically.
  • Gold: “Later, carmine and gold was painted upon the waters” This mean that at that point, they had gained (or at least they thought) courage over the ocean.
  1. The repetitions of the rowing passage meant, all in all, that although they tried really hard, they would never be able to overcome nature.


  1. Drowning is repeated many times because drowning is giving up or being defeated by nature. This is the situation in which the men were: about to be defeated by nature and with the chance of giving up which is also related to being defeated by nature.
  2. The oiler may have been called Billie to make reference to his ignorance as the name Billie is ordinary and not quite professional, furthermore the name Billie means protector and Billie died protecting his colleagues.
  3. Something which foreshadowed the oiler’s future was the poem about the soldier and how many times he said how exhausted he was.
  4. Some references to death in the story is black and the fear they had of being drown. Some references to dead sleep is when the correspondent falls deep in sleep because as drowning sleeping may represent giving up and when they gave up they died.
  5. At the end they aren’t interpreters as they weren’t able to understand what had happened as they were happy because they thought they had defeated nature and that was why they survived.
  6. Actually, the men in The Open Boat are spared by nature as she did whatever she wanted with them. She let some survive and left one dead.


Alejandro Magno

Hoy en la clase de historia, vimos algunos vidros acerca de Alejandro Magno y contestamos las siguientes preguntas:

  • ¿Cuando y por qué murió?
  • Murió a los 32 años en Babilonia durante una anarquía.
  • ¿En qué batallas estuvo?
  • En todas.
  • ¿Qué conquistó?
  • Conquistó Macedonia, las polis griegas, las costas palestinas, Egipto, Mesopotamia Asiática, Persia e India.
  • ¿Quién fue su sucesor?
  • Ninguno.
  • ¿Tuvo hijos?
  • No.
  • ¿Era temido o querido?
  • Temido.
  • ¿Quienes fueron sus padres?
  • Fillipo y Olimpia.

Biology Project – Results

After some weeks, we finished the Biology Project we had been working on. Here is the table of results:

Table of Results

I really liked this project as it was quite interesting having to take care of something. Fortunately, we didn’t have drawbacks at all and each one of us liked her role (I was the one who presented). The group I liked the most was Mora’s, Paz’s and Valentina’s because they seemed to be really interested and excited about the project.

I believe my self mark is 9.