Project: starvation

in our last language class we were told to work on an activity in our teacher’s blog about the movie “The Boy who Harnessed the Wind”. Here are my answers:

What did you feel when you watched it? 

When I watched it I felt amazed by what William was able to build even though he didn’t have much knowledge or resources. 

What did you learn about it? 

I learnt that even when something appears to be impossible there’s always a way to get what you want. 

What thoughts came to your mind after learning about William´s story?

I think his story is very inspiring since it shows that even if you feel you have very little of what’s needed to achieve what you want, you will end up finding a way to achieve it if you work hard. 

What message did the story leave you?

The message the story left me is that you should always try to achieve what you want even if people tell you you won’t be able to, or if you don’t have everything that is needed. If you do so, you will probably end up achieving it. 

History Essay

On our last History class, we had to write an essay on how far was speculation responsible for the Wall Street Crash. Our teacher, told me to upload my essay to my blog. Here it is:

In the year 1929, the Wall Street Crash took place due to several causes. Some of them were speculation and weaknesses in the US economy. In the following essay I am going to analyze how far speculation was responsible for the Wall Street Crash.

On the one hand, speculation was pretty much to blame since when people speculated what they were doing was buying shares from flourishing businesses and once the businesses had already flourished even more and the share value had risen, they would sell their shares. However, there was a problem since many businesses started failing because of over production and people kept buying shares from more successful ones. Anyway, the ecconomy reached a point where there were far more sellers of shares than buyers, instead of more buyers than sellers, leading to the collapse of the US economy.

On the other hand, weaknesses in the economy were to blame as well. The main weaknesses were the decrease in trade due to the high tariffs, over production, the failures of businesses and traditional industries, and the issues in the farming industry. Because of the trade issue and over production, more goods than needed were manufactured and they could not be exported to Europe either since Europe could not afford American tariffs. Therefore, less money was earned. Besides, since businesses started failing workers were unemployed or paid less, leading to companies having less buyers as well. Moreover, farmers were another economic sector which suffered poverty since one of their problems was that people did not buy what farmers produced. Therefore, they did not earn money at all and suffered poverty as well.

In conclusion, even though speculation was responsible for the Wall Street Crash, it was not completely responsible since economic weaknesses were responsible as well because of the previously mentioned causes.

Trabajo Práctico de Formación Ética y Ciudadana

Hoy, en la clase de formación ética y ciudadana, hicimos un trabajo práctico como preparación para la visita a la Casa de Buenos Aires. Mi grupo, conformado por Tomas Zubizarreta (el facilitador), Lucas Vorbeck (el comunicador) y Santiago Yezze (el soporte) y yo (la coordinadora), tuvo que hacer la sección 1 del trabajo.

Este es nuestro trabajo práctico:

Practical 15/5

Last week, at the lab we made two practicals using hydrogen peroxide to show its effects on catalase.

At first we put fresh orange juice into a test tube containing hydrogen peroxide and it was supposed to make bubbles (since that is the hydrogen peroxide’s reaction to catalase), but it didn’t though. Then we put boiled orange juice into another test tube with hydrogen peroxide and since its catalase had been burnt it didn’t make bubbles either. This is the table of results I made:


Juice Reaction to hydrogen peroxide
Fresh no bubbles
Boiled no bubbles

Then, we did the same for our second practical but instead of juice we used a chicken’s liver. As it should have happened with the juice, the raw liver produced bubbles when it was mixed with the hydrogen peroxide.


Liver Reaction
Raw Bubbles present because of the contact of catalase with hydrogen peroxide

Respiratory System

For our Biology class, we got in groups and worked with different systems of the body. My group, formed by Mora Malenchini, Valentina Pease and Serena Braun, was in charged of working with the respiratory system. This is what we have done up to now:

Session 1:

What is a system?

A system is a set of things which work together as a part of a mechanism.


  • Lungs: intake air from the atmosphere, providing oxygen to the body and exhale carbon dioxide.
  • Nose/nasal cavity: main external opening we usually breath through.
  • Mouth: might be use as a supplement of the nasal cavity
  • Larynx: contains the vocal folds. Air passes through it as well
  • Pharynx: connects the nasal cavity with the larynx.
  • Trachea: enables the entry of fresh air extends from the larynx and branches in two primary bronchi.
  • Bronchi and bronchioles: conduct air to the lungs
  • Muscles (diaphragm, intercostal muscles, abdominal muscles, muscle in the neck and collar area): help the lungs exhale and inhale by contracting and relaxing.

How to write a short story

For our writing skills class, we were asked to make a video explaining how to write a short story. In order to do it one must take notes of short stories’ structure and the main tips for writing them, another one had to revise it and the third one would finally record it. In my group Carolina Cremona was in charge of taking down notes, Mora Malenchini had to revise it and I had to record the video. Here it is:

Passive Voice

For our language class, we were ask to do a group work on passive voice. I had to work with Mora Malenchini and Carolina Cremona.

  1. The passive voice is used when you want to express that the action is more important than the one carrying it out.

Example: “The water was drunk by her”

  1. In passive voice the agent is the person or object that performs the action.

Present simple: Starvation is suffered by more than the 50% of the world’s population.

Past simple: Two innocent kids were kidnapped by a psychopath.  

Present continuous: The lost plane is being searched for by the CIA.

Past continuous: A girl was being mugged while his boyfriend just stared at her.

Present perfect: The president has been re-elected for the second time.

Past perfect:  The police found two wallets which had been stolen.


Trabajo Práctico de Geografía

En la clase de geografía, nos pusieron en parejas para hacer un trabajo acerca de los conflictos del siglo XXI. A mi me tocó trabajar con Lucas Vorbeck   Este es nuestro trabajo:

En las Filipinas, hay una ciudad llamada Marawi, que tiene influencia musulmana, donde, hace algunos años, estalló un conflicto político entre el estado y el gobierno causado principalmente por los grupos Abu Sayyaf y el Frente Moro de Liberación Islámica. Esto sucedió ya que el Estado Islámico quiere separarse de las Filipinas, mientras el gobierno (comunista) se rehúsa a permitir la separación. Uno de los líderes del grupo islamista, responsable de varios ataques, es Isnilon Hapilon.

El 23 de mayo de 2017 hubo un conflicto ya que algunas fuerzas gubernamentales recurrieron a bombardeos, ya que creían que Hapilon estaba oculto en aquella ciudad y querían que muera, y aunque no lograron matarlo de esa forma, el terrorista acabó muriendo en diciembre del mismo año. Como respuesta a ese bombardeo, el presidente filipino estableció la Ley Marcial de 60 días, lo que también causó cierto conflicto en el país ya que los comunistas dijeron que algunas normas iban contra su partido.

Ahora mismo, el conflicto sigue y no es seguro cuando acabara ya que los grupos separatistas y el gobierno no han llegado a un acuerdo aún, sin embargo, el presidente está haciendo lo posible por controlar la situación.

Nosotros creemos que la situación que está pasando Filipinas es muy triste y realmente creemos que las religiones y partidos políticos se tendrían que aceptar entre sí. Esperamos que el Estado islamico y el gobierno sean capaces de firmar un tratado de paz y convivencia.

Planisferio donde se destaca la ubicación de las Filipinas :

Fuentes de información:


For our Speaking Skills class, we were asked to make a booktube after reading a book our teacher assigned us. I had to read Jane Eyre and decided to do the activity which consisted in telling the story from another character’s point of view. Here is my booktube: (I had to divide it into two halves since I wasn’t able to upload it otherwise)

Part 1

Part 2

The Boy who Harnessed the Wind

Today, at our language class, we were told to start working on a guide about the movie we’ve recently watched. These are some of the answers I was able to answer today, since the activity will be continued next class.

  1. Harness means make use of (natural resources in this case) mainly, to produce energy.
  2. William Kamkwamba is a Malawian innovator, engineer and author who suffered from extreme living conditions and hunger as a kid. In spite of the poverty stricken area he and his family were living in, his parents made a huge effort to send him to.As an attempt to improve the village’s living conditions, he built a windmill which provided electricity to connect it to a water plump and provide water for his village.
  3. The area where William used to live was really poor, deteriorated, dessertic and the food an water were scarce. Besides, the area was pretty dry and it had been a quite long drought, which deteriorated the land the crops grew on, damaging the harvest, and therefore, people’s health since they couldn’t eat and were starving. Furthermore, most of the houses where bungalows and only the most privileged or the ones who got a scholarship were able to get a proper education.
  4. He harnessed the wind by creating a windmill which would provide electricity to apply a water pump and provide water to drink and grow crops. Among the materials he needed to crate the windmill, were blue gums trees, bicycle parts, a cheap dynamo and some things he found among the trash at the local scrapyard. He needed knowledge on engineering, mainly, which he pretty much learnt by reading books at the library once his parents weren’t able to afford the school any longer.
  5. Famine means extreme scarcity of food and starvation means suffering or death caused by scarcity of food. It is related to the movie since this is what William’s village suffered from since the land was deteriorated, what led to their crops not resulting in a good harvest, and therefore, no food for people, what led to many of them suffering or dying.  
  6. This quote is related to Williams attitude since even though people didn’t always support him, he knew what he wanted, knew how to get it and was not afraid to go for it in order to save his family and neighbors. He knew that if he didn’t start working on a solution no one else would, and the whole village would starve to death.
  7. Writing Task

Young Boy Saves His Village

Last week, Malawi’s situation was absolutely changed by a young boy who built a windmill to provide electricity and water. He is said to have harnessed the wind.

William Kamkwamba, aged 13, was constantly seeing how people around him starved because there was a famine since the soil was deteriorated and nor food nor water could be obtained. Due to this issues, his family started earning less and less money since they worked in the farming industry (which was decaying drastically) and they couldn’t afford his school fees, so he had to drop out. As he was a really hard working child, who wanted to learn no matter how much it took him, he started going to the public library, where he read a book about engineering, which made him realize he wanted to be an engineer. However, he couldn’t just focus on what he wanted, he also had to take care of his surroundings. Therefore a great idea came to Williams mind: he would make an engendering work which consisted in building a wind turbine for his village in order to stop the provide water and therefore end such a disastrous famine.

After having that idea, he decided to go after the materials. He would need a dynamo, bicycle parts, blue gums trees’ parts and some other stuff he found at the scrapyard. After getting the materials he started working and, in spite of the difficulties faced at the moment of building the windmill, it was finally able to be built by the young boy. What the artifact does is provide power to water pump which would supply the village with water. Besides, it also provides electricity for the houses.

The windmill has been working for a week and Malawi’s population is enjoying food,  water and electricity for the first time in months and some even in their whole life. The village’s mayor is already hiring more workers to do some more and even sell some to other villages which are in need as well. All in all, William Kamkwamba’s work was a complete success.

Working with Connectors

Today in our Writing Skills class, we had to do an activity from our teacher’s blog, which consoles in writing an example for each kind of connector and doing some online exercises.

Addition: Yesterday, I bought 3 purses 4 dresses. Besides, my mother bought me 2 pairs of shoes.

Comparison: I broke my arm ice skating and hurt my foot in the same way. 

Contrast: I live with Rachel but I can’t stand her though.

Time: I have to go to the hairdresser at nine, and go to a party at eight. Therefore, I guess I’ll go shopping in the meantime.

Result: The stores I want to go to are closed today since it’s a holiday, hence I’ll be going tomorrow.

Summary: The food served at the party today was absolutely piquant. In other words, it was great.

Example: When I finish high school, I would like to live somewhere in the USA. In New York, for instance. 

Place: I’m moving to a new and nicer house, which is nearby the old one.

Sickle Cell Anaemia

Today, in our biology class we worked with sickle cell anaemia. This is the pair work I did with Santiago Guerrico.

3 ideas:

sickle cell anemia prevents malaria since mosquitoes don’t attack those faulty red blood cells.

Sickle cell is normal in places where malaria is normal as well.

Sickle cells have a different shape than regular red blood cells.


2 questions: Is sickle cell anaemia worse than malaria?

Can the red blood cells prevent sickle cell anaemia?

1 metaphor: Having sickle cell anaemia in Africa is a life saver.