The Gold Cadillac

Our language teacher told us to read a story called “The Gold Cadillac” and answer some questions about it. This is the work I did.
Imagine you were Lois or Wilma in The Gold Cadillac,how would you have felt if something similar happened to you while driving your own car?
I think i would have been shocked about how ignorant the white officers were since they thought a black man couldn’t be able to afford a golden cadillac even if he worked for it.
How would you react?
I would have been really scared so i wouldn’t have said anything to the officers.
Can you think of any similar forms of discrimination nowadays? Do we have any similar racial prejudices against any groups? Write a paragraph establishing a parallelism. (90 words). Post these answers as a post in your blog. Choose a cover for the story and post it as well.

I think one of the biggest acts of discrimination nowadays are towards muslims and most of the times we prejudge them unconsciously. A clear example that happened to many people and is actually awful to think about is when people see a muslim person wearing a backpack in public and think they have a bomb or that they are terrorists or whatever. I believe that thinking that about someone we don’t even know is terrible because we are judging them based on what we see on the knew about only a few people in their community. Similarly, the officers judge ‘Lois family because they thought black people were criminals who barely earned money and stole whatever they wanted but couldn’t afford.

If I had to choose a cover for this story i would choose this one because it shows a black family just driving their car as told in the story and even if they look happy they deep down know that white people are judging them.


Trabajo Práctico 6 de marzo, 2020 Formación Ética y Ciudadana S3 Nos preparamos para la salida educativa escolar.

Para prepararnos para nuestra salida educativa a Plaza Lavalle, nuestra profesora de Formación Ética y Ciudadana nos dijo que hagamos un trabajo grupal sobre esta. Yo trabajé con Lucas VorbeckValentina Pease y Santiago Yezze. Este es nuestro trabajo:

Análisis de Imágenes

En nuestra primera clase de Formación Ética y Ciudadana nuestra profesora nos mostró una actividad de su blog (  en la cual teníamos que decidir que imagen era más apropiada para describir el contenido de la materia. Yo trabajé con Valentina PeaseSantiago Yezze y Lucas Vorbeck.

Creemos que las dos imágenes son muy buenas para representar el contenido de la materia pero creemos que la segunda imagen es la más adecuada para describir la materia ya que mientras la primera muestra que todo está conectado, la segunda muestra que todo funciona junto y para que funcionen todos tienen que funcionar los demás también