Virtual Learning Experience

In the last weeks we had to learn virtually because of the quarantine. I found the first week really hard but then I got used to it and even if I don’t like having to learn from my house and I miss school, at least I find tasks easier now. The only app we’ve been using that I didn’t know is GoogleMeet but I was able to understand it easily. When I’m at home I study in the desk I’ve got in my room. This is my favorite spot for working since I’ve got my computer and several sockets to charge my devices. I use the computer for typing most of my work, my phone to check handing and my IPad to use GoogleMeet since my computer’s microphone doesn’t work well at all.

My reflection on this situation is that it is great how both teachers and students are determined to keep on working in spite of all the difficulties we’re facing and how even if we’re not at school we still manage to learn a lot.


In the past three weeks, we’ve been having online classes because of the Coronavirus, these are some writings we did during these weeks. One of them was written and we had to record the other one.

Writing about a festival which takes place in Argentina:


The Lollapalooza is a music festival which takes place in several places worldwide including Buenos Aires, Argentina. In Argentina, the festival is held every year in late march. 

Thousands of people love dressing up in their most scandalous outfits to go to the Lollapalooza to listen and dance to their favorite artists for hours.

People get their tickets in order to go a certain amount of days (the festival usually lasts 3 days in Argentina) and spend the whole day there. What people usually do is listen to their favorite artists and dance. Most of the people who go there are teenagers and young adults who enjoy partying with their friends and meeting new people. 

The Lollapalooza was created in the United States 1991 and it was inspired by several british music festivals. The first year, it wasn’t really popular so the only music that was played was alternative rock, industrial music and rap. However, with the years more and more people started being into it and more artists started performing. Thanks to this, the Lollapalooza is now a worldwide music festival where loads of famous artists perform many different kinds of music. 

Summary of the Gold Cadillac: