Looking back

For our History class, we were told to do a metacognition exercise to look back on what we’ve done since the lockdown began.

  1. done
  2. These are the three activities that helped me learn the most about the beginning of the Cold War:

3. I think I could’ve done better at the test. I didn’t work that well since I rushed to finish before the timer ended and I think that I could’ve expanded more in some questions if I hadn’t.

4. a) I would rate my attendance to class a 9/10 since I attended every class, participated whenever I could and I believe I worked really well both individually and in group work. However, once I couldn’t participate in a meet because I was having some issues with my wifi. b) I would rate the quality of my work a 9.5/10 since I believe I did really good in classwork both individual and grupal. However, in the test I didn’t do as well as in the other activities.